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Victory for MEAT IS IMMORAL (new billboard next week)

As we reported two weeks ago, our first MEAT IS IMMORAL billboard caused an uproar among cattle ranchers in California, which resulted in the billboard being taken down. This inspired an uproar among activists, as our message should not and cannot be silenced.

After a prolonged back and forth with the company that manages the billboards, we have secured a new location on one of the bustiest stretches of highway in all of California, the overcrowded Highway 101 in East Hollywood. The estimated weekly traffic passing the new billboard will be over a half-million cars! That's five times more than the prior location. In addition, the new location is prone to stop-and-go traffic, for optimal exposure.

Here is a rendering of what the new billboard will look like when it goes up next week:

We appreciate all the support we're getting among activists, especially those who can donate to our grass-roots billboard campaign or who can purchase and display stickers, mugs, shirts, and grocery bags with the MEAT IS IMMORAL message written upon it.

We will keep you updated on our progress, including live shots next week when the new billboard goes up in Los Angeles.

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