• Meat is Immoral

New Billboard goes LIVE!

March 14, 2020 (Los Angeles, California) - today the second MEAT IS IMMORAL billboard went live today on a major California freeway. Visible to over a half-million cars per week, the billboard is positioned on the massively busy Highway 101 in Los Angeles, in the region of East Hollywood (heading southbound).

This is a victory for activists, after a billboard in a more rural part of California was taken down because Cattle Ranchers forced the issue with the billboard company.

The MEAT IS IMMORAL non-profit campaign is aimed to educate the public about the immorality of eating meat in modern society, for animals - climate - and workers.

Please help us drive this message home by (a) donating to more billboards, or (b) buying and displaying the MEAT IS IMMORAL message on stickers, magnets, buttons, and bags. You can purchase messaging materials here (all profits go to future billboards).

"We are excited to see our second billboard go live," said Zoe Rosenberg, founder of the Meat is Immoral activist campaign, "but this is just the beginning. With support from activists around the world, we hope to drive this message everywhere."

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