• Meat is Immoral

First Billboard is Live

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

On a busy stretch of highway in California (HW 101), the first MEAT IS IMMORAL billboard went live yesterday afternoon. As thousands upon thousands of cars are passing by, the public presented with a very simple message - that meat is immoral in modern society.

Meat is immoral for animals.

Meat is immoral for climate.

Meat is immoral for workers.

Meat is immoral for humanity.

Of course nothing is simple. Within 24 hours of this first billboard going live, ranchers in the local area began demanding that the billboard come down. We will fight for billboards here and elsewhere. In the meantime, here is a photo:

#meatisimmoral, #meat-is-immoral

Also, we were lucky enough to get some drone footage of the billboard so you can see its placement in relation to the highway. FLYOVER VIDEO:

Zoe Rooster, Founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary and creator of the MEAT IS IMMORAL campaign does a DRIVE BY VIDEO of the billboard and discusses the brewing controversy:

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