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MEAT IS IMMORAL founder, Zoe Rosenberg (age 17) travels the country giving talks and leading protests to fight for farmed animals everywhere.  As shown on the left, she gave her first keynote address at National Animal Rights Day in San Francisco when she was only 12 years old.  Over the years since, she has given countless talks at events, marches, and rallies around the country, including her popular TED talk on animal activism.  Zoe was recently named Youth Activist of the Year by the Animal Rights National Conference in DC and in 2019 was awarded the Paul McCartney veg advocate award.  Zoe is also the founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary on the central coast of California. 



2019 NCAA Football Championship Game

Zoe Rosenberg, at 16 years old, was arrested on live national television at the 2019 NCAA Football Championship Game in Levi Stadium (Alabama versus Clemson).  Her brave protest was intended to draw attention to animal abuse in the factory farming industry and specifically targeted Levi Stadium because of their ties to a poultry producer that was accused of horrifically abusing animals.

Zoe Rosenberg (being arrested at Cal Pol

Chained to a Slaughterhouse

At age 16, Zoe Rosenberg discovered that a major university in California had a working Slaughterhouse on campus and that students in certain animal related majors were required to take a class that involved slaughtering animals.  Outraged she has organized many protests, drawing attention to this practice to the students, faculty, and media.  One such protest involved chaining herself to the slaughterhouse gates, which resulted in her arrest.  It also resulted in Zoe having direct conversations with the University president, the Student Government, and other members of the university community as she works to fight for change.

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At age 15, Zoe Rosenberg gave an inspiring TED talk in front of 2000 people on the campus of California State University (CalPoly), recounting her experiences as an Animal Rights Activist starting from Age 11 and continuing through her entire youth. Although she was the only under 18 years old to present at the event, her talk was the only one selected by to be featured on their main site.  You can watch Zoe's TED talk here.



The "Dodger Dog" Protest

At age 14, Rosenberg received national press attention for a bold protest against the Los Angeles Dodger regarding the treatment of animals related to the "Dodger Dogs" sold in the park. She and a few other activists ran onto the field during a game with banners and were arrested on live television.  Arrested and jailed by the LAPD, Zoe refused to be intimidated, even when the police officers mocked her and said they would eat hot dogs in front of her.


Zoe leads a march in Berkeley California

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Portland Veg Fest

Zoe speaks about the Animal Rights Movement and compares its progress to other social justice movements across history.


TED Talk

Zoe speaks about the Animal Activism in front of 1500 on the campus of California State University (Cal Poly) for TEDxSLO. Her talk can also be found on the website here.


Leaders of Transformation

Listen to Zoe Rosenberg on the Leaders of Transformation podcast, episode 306, where she discusses Animal Rights and the journey of founding and growing Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary (2020)